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Vision Demo

Depending upon your operating system, the hardware requirements for the demo will differ. However, most computers that have been manufactured or assembled within the last several years shouldn't have any difficulty running the Vision Demo. While an older computer may not be IDEAL for a production environment, it should allow you to install and run the Vision Demo for evaluation purposes without issue.

The primary purpose of the demo is to allow you to test out the features and functionality of Vision prior to purchase. Please note that under no circumstance should you use the Vision demo for any other purpose than evaluation. Each demo has a "white-listed" demo file which will automatically load upon launch. The demo file includes multiple universes of control and a number lights for you to evaluate.

Should you make any chsnges to the Demo scene, or open your own file, you will be limited to 100 channels of DMX control. We believe the provided white-listed demo file is adequate to provide you with sufficient information for your evaluation.

For download links, installation information, and system requirements for the Vision Demo, Click your favorite logo: