ESP Vision

Vectorworks Spotlight

Vectorworks® Spotlight is the gold standard for CAD software in entertainment design. Whether you design lighting, scenery, sets, corporate events, theatrical productions, or exhibits, you can put yourself in the spotlight when you create a spectacular show. With superior 2D and 3D capabilities, you'll enjoy an ease-of-use not found in competing interfaces. You can create powerful presentations and turbo-boost your productivity. With Vectorworks Spotlight's flexibility, there are no limits to what you can do.

The program's intuitive interface includes a unified 2D and 3D modeling environment, and the Parasolid® modeling kernel supports freeform massing with solids, NURBS curves, and surface modeling. Complete formatting controls allow scenic designers to create the exact looks they desire, and the customizable production interface allows users to assign hotkeys and menu shortcuts, and create a tailored workspace. And, for high-end previsualization, you can move your models seamlessly to ESP Vision Pro to cue and program your show.

With the addition of the Renderworks® application, the software becomes even more powerful, with options for photorealistic rendering (including static visualization with fog, smoke, and gobos), lighting cue animation, and a camera feature that allows the designer to verify audience sightlines and lighting position shots, as well as calculate accurate visual representations before arriving at a venue.

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