Connect GrandMA onPC to Vision 2.3 PC w/ same comp

How to configure DMX from different sources to Vision

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Connect GrandMA onPC to Vision 2.3 PC w/ same comp

Postby Robby Wolf » Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:23 pm

During the last few years, MA-Net protocol has changed, requiring different drivers for different versions of the onPC software. It is important that you install the appropriate driver so that the MA onPC can communicate with Vision 2.3 PC. All appropriate drivers are delivered with Vision 2.3. They can be found in the Vision 2.2/tools directory.


If you are using GrandMA software version 5.6xx OR PRIOR,
install gmaESPVision1100setup.exe

If you are using GrandMA software version 5.7xx through 5.9xx,
install gmaESPVision2000setup.exe

If you are using GrandMA software version 6.0+,
install gmaESPVision6200setup.exe


If you have accidentally installed the wrong driver, OR if you are upgrading the version of the MA software that you previously had installed, requiring a new driver, do the following:

Step 1. Go to the Control Panel, and using Add/Remove programs, find and uninstall the grandMA - ESP Vision Driver.

Step 2. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. This is very important.

Step 3. Install the appropriate driver, as determined above.

Continue to Configure below.


Step 1: After launching GrandMA OnPC software, click on the tools button.


Step 2: Click on the MA Network Configuration.


Step 3: Check the box next to the IP Address, if it reads, go ahead to Step 5, if it does not continue to Step 4.


Step 4: Click inside of the box with the IP, another box will pop up. Search for the IP that reads Then Click on save and reboot.


Step 5: Change the Session ID to any preferred number. In this instance the Session ID is 1.


Step 6: Click on Start session.


Step 7: Go to the control panel, and open up the GrandMA-ESP Vision driver.


Step 8: Change the station IP address to match the IP address on the GrandMA, if it does not already match.


Step 9: Change the Session ID to match the Session ID used on the GrandMA. Then click on ok.


Now, you should be able to patch your show (or load an existing show), and you should be good to go. Once you launch Vision 2.3 PC, be sure to select the appropriate MA driver as your DMX provider.

If you are using onPC 5.6xx or prior, your selection will read GrandMA
If you are using onPC 5.7 - 5.99, your selection will read GrandMA 5.7xx
If you are using onPC 6.0+, you selection will read GrandMA1

If you don't have the correct option to select, based upon your version of onPC software installed, go back up to SELECT PROPER DRIVER section above.

If you continue to have issues, or questions, contact ESP Vision Support by phone, Live Chat, email or by posting to the forum.

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